Help me , my photoshop have problems

Halp me ,why it appears when you select a different color?
Exewmplu : green is red and vice versa

How can I fix

I’m no Photoshop expert but I guess you need to make sure that the blend mode is set to Normal rather than something else when you’re using the brush tool.

what color mode you use in photoshop? (rgb or cmyk)?

Hi again, @JeriThemes, also a good idea to press control- D, regulary just in case there is a pesky layer style lurking somewhere.

But if not, then go to the top left hand side, (under file) and click on the dropdown menu, then click on the rectangle in the circle and then reset all tool presets to default.

After that if it is still there, you might have to pull the entire program off and install again?

Good luck.



good idea Shane :wink:

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hi, how did u fulfill or create the colored shape? i u used keyboard short cuts, u should try to use the mouse instead and check if the same thing happens

no worires

just need to change color mode.