Help me. My logos hard reject.

Help. Why is my logos was rejected?
My programm Adobe Illustrator CC.
Here’s my logos:

  1. HIGH SOUND logo H letter (for multimedia)
    ZIP file - EPS 10 & 8, AI 10 and free font link.
    100 % vector
    all layer and object locked.


  1. EYEGLASS logo ( for medical and other)

  2. TRIUMTECH logo

    And many other logos.
    I do not understand, why is my logos was rejected? Maybe because I was new author?
    Please feedback.
    Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

little generic logos, the market is a bit saturated, so there is a tendency to discard generic logos. Maybe the first one can be good…
make sure to not locked layers

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Hi Manu, i hope they do not they do not hard reject out of simply locking a layer all the same lol a soft reject would be more appropriate to say the least lol

yes yes, I know,ahah, I was just reminding him for future works :slight_smile:

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hi, i think that you really need to give your font selections and typo associations a bit more work, besides, judging by what i have witnessed, i ca say that a great deal of submissions are rejected because of these issues indeed

lol yes , that’s what pedagogy is all about, reminding what’s good to do lol

eheheh yes… I see yesterday your dribbble profile. Tell me when you upload your first shot on dribbble :slightly_smiling:

sorry i have been busy for a long while, i hope i can take care of this next week, i am really happy to get it so hopefully i can take care of this very soon :wink: thanks again my friend :wink:

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