Help me My Logo quality standard

Hi, i would like to know where’s the problem. Help me.

what that man? a flying pixelated turkey ? you can do better than that!
this is too old looking! so many squares in one icon! its not modern

hi i think that u have an issue of general style in the first place as this is not following trends much , nowadays most of the logos are rather using shapes being withdrawn form others and the pathfinder is used much indeed … then, i guess a more abstract bent would be better especially as even if this is not this much right now, this is hard to be 100% sure that u identify a bird at first glance … at this stage your logo is imbricating well , texts and illustration make a whole but i am afraid that this is not really the same if u turn out to use a vertical version, too … finally , the thing is that , here they expect much of a work when it comes to texts … and right now u have not managed to bring an original touch, font variations and font combinations …