Help me make a decision.

The contract with the “label” is over. I’m thinking of submitting this track for consideration in the Ambient/New Age category. Is this track suitable for Aj?

This is also in section Atmospheres Soundscapes

I don’t think that these tracks are suitable for Aj! It is definitely non-commercial music… Maybe the second track has a slight chance to get a few sells…


Totally agree.

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Hi, I like the tracks, they are produced well, but similar music that I have submitted has been rejected, unfortunately I also had to move to other genres (I am waiting for some approvals…maybe) because the tracks I made weren’t of commercial use. I think yours can be of commercial use, but apparently AJ rejects all the “unusual” stuff. This is my impression, maybe I am wrong.


Wow very nice music!! The first one has a strong character!
I think that yes, the 2nd one is more suited for stock music.

@JulianWestoneMusic : I have seen many people being rejected say this (and I thought it was true), but if you search well on AJ, you’ll find very … unusual tracks, and they are accepted, because yes they could sell.

Sometimes if it fun to try new styles: ok, I got no sales with it yes, but you could check the track on my portfolio that has “Synthwave” in its title…; I am not sure it is a mainstream or very common style, but nevertheless it was accepted. :slight_smile:


Hm, I already answered and think #2 is your best bet but… why would you have to take a decision? Can’t you submit both? Or do you want to renew your contract with the label and this means you can only choose one track to submit?

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I do not want to spend 2 places in the queue.
But apparently will have). I will make alternative versions and add them to the zip with the originals)
Thank you for your objective opinion.