Help me improve this flyer

Help with your valuable feedback so that i can improve this flyer.
thanks in advance.

first of all the second one is better than the first one indeed but basically in both u have a lot of mistakes in common

the typo is flat in a genera way , lacking originality and combinations

colors are globally too dark in a general way but also not really attractive visually and matching so very well, think about complementary colors pls

some black texts written in black color on dark background are just unreadable and this is is not difficult to identify why as contrast between text and BG is close to 0 so u are violating a basic design principle …

nothing is really popping , also due to contrast issues but since u lack combinations and adding some decorations like boldness and so on

globally flat style
u have a limited commerciality especially with the first one as this is not original or outstanding enough so that people feel like they will buy rather than do on their owns that they can save some time

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