HELP ME! i don’t understand why my music was rejected! Cinematography

i don’t understand why my music was rejected. They doesn’t give me an explanation. I need your help please to understand where is my mistake. Thank you so much!


Hi Giovani, two reasons for rejection I can see;

The mood of the track changes too much at 0:35. If you think about it from a videographer’s perspective, they need music that has a continuous feel throughout.

The second reason is the accordion, it sounds very out of place with the rest of the instrumentation. If you swapped that for another orchestral instrument like strings or woodwind then that would work better.

Hope that helps!


great idea. I’ll work on it. I’m thinking of also changing the mix between the instruments to sound more harmonious.

Would agree with @AlisterBunclark . There is also something wrong with reverbs, almost all instruments of a song sounds like it playing in other room.