Help me...I am new here...

Hello, my friends.
I am new here and want to create a logo design service like Fiverr gig.
But unfortunately can not see the option how to create a logo service.
I see there are many logo design services but the sellers only register from 2013 to 2014.
I can not see any other service gig after 2014.
Kindly guide me because I upload the logo service 2 times and it’s rejected.
I think I uploading with the wrong procedure.
I can not find it.
Here you check these logo services.
I want to create like these.✓&search[query]=logo+designer

hi I am not sure that I could understand well your message indeed, though , envato studio is for contacting designers to get a custom job done for u … (a platform like many existing in the web). If u want to to do the work by yourself though, u have to see the service call “designmaker” or something like this …