Help me! Help me! Help me! Need to parse the track.

Hello everybody.Received a reject .Please help me figure out what I did wrong. I think that the point is in the mix. Competent criticism is very necessary. Thank you, good luck and good sales.

I’m not professional in music, as a listener i liked it. But i think the reason getting reject may be:

  • Only left channel intro, because maybe it is not good for the fun music, i feel that way.
  • Non-effective transition from left channel to dual
  • Old fashioned guitar.
  • Monotonous? 0:05-0:07 vs 0:08-0:10. I mean it would be better if there would be more differences, variety between this two parts. (I don’t know the terms in music so i expressed my thoughts in this way) :slight_smile:

It all was my assumptions. Good luck to you!

Thank you very much for the comment

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I had a good piece rejected, so made a version adding a whistle and some handclaps afterwards as a joke just to see if it got accepted - your piece sounds like that when the whistle comes in to me (desperate). IMO if you keep the whistle then you should feature it at the start too so it’s not a total style shock when it comes in - or get rid. Hope that helps :slight_smile: Good luck!

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Thanks for the advice. I’ll try to remake the track.