Help me for the spacing and alignment design issue

Hi, Envato Authors

I made new woocommerce theme named lorada. I uploaded on themeforest several times and still geting soft rejection. Because of spacing and alignment issue.
This is one of their screenshot for the spacing and alignment issues.

I redesigned my demo pages many times to fix this issue. But I can’t find the correct solution.
If anyone know well about this problem, please help me.

Thank you, everyone.
Best Regards, C-Themes

Make sure all of the issues fixed before re-submitting.

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Just my personal opinion:
Footer widget 5 columns looking not good. Logo and company address can be merged into one column. 4 column widgets will look good.

Now about spacing and alignment issue:

  1. each footer widget can be a widget title and font can be more attractive with font size, font-weight, color
  2. between each li space can be some less as like around 10px and max 15px
  3. widget title and widgets content text color should be distinguishable and readable contrast color
  4. between footer widgets and copyright row can be a separator as like different bg color or can be put a top border (as like hr tag) just above the copyright row.


Thank you very much.
I will fix my issues according to your guides and upload it again.

Regards, C-Themes

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