Help me for send product

i’m send product but all the rejected
I don’t know why it’s been rejection
Someone can help?
this demo
What should I do?

up …

please check demo

why rejection?

you are using images to show graph etc. but you should use real stuff.
if you are not sure for this let me know, i would be happy to help you further.


hi you have whatsapp or telegram?

If anyone helps me product
I give her 30 percent of the profit
please help me to send product

Aside from the fact that all your demo is just a bunch of images rather than a working item, what’s the connection?

Thank You

again rejacted :frowning:

This is nowhere near enough for an admin template - needs a lot more features and functionality

It’s not mobile friendly or properly responsive

As per links above it’s very suspicious that your landing page etc is a mirror copy of another item - if you can’t create original work then this is not the marketplace for you