Help me finding out the weakness of this rejected item

Hey Guys,
Thanks first !
I expect help from you all to find out the weakness of this rejected item. What may be the key facts that I missed in this item to reach the envato standard ?
Link to see the project:

Post a preview of your rejected item

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hi, @DesignSomething is right this is necessary to give us to see if u wanna know how we feel

Oh sorry for my mistake
Here is the link to the project:

Personally I like your design. Maybe some elements are to close to flyer’s margins.

i personally like it also just like @DesignSomething, however, i think that there are a variety of small things on which u can work if u want to. The first thing is typos, for me in a general way they are not that beautiful and do not match super well, even if this is a brochure dealing children and i know that u felt like using more child-like font for this matter … i personally also think that in most cases adults try to emphasize on child side of children when children are not expecting just this indeed.

the second thing is the harmony between shapes and especially when it comes to banners i think that more “traditional” is better in this case indeed

u should also try to create a real “fake logo”, i know that this is for demonstration purposes but the thing is that this is impacting the way it looks when u put a simple text like this …

i also tend to believe that the cloud in which is u put the text in the central part is not this much of a good idea as this is difficult to edit and to place a text in such a shape actually

i also have to mention that i really like way better what u have done for the inside than for the outside , all is better balanced, looks better graphically and so on, there is more professionalism , creativity and appeal in the whole side than on the other one. I guess that if u manage to make both sides in the same kind of quality then u are going to get your item approved :slight_smile:

Thanks for comment

Thanks for your cordial suggestions !

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u are welcome :slight_smile: