Help me choose sound card!

Hi guys! I need your help. I use a sound card Roland Duo-Capture EX. I want to change it to something better. Very interesting what you are using sound cards? And what are cheap sound cards, which can change my Roland? (<300$)
what do you say about Roland QUAD-CAPTURE?

Steinberg UR22 MK2 up to 24-Bit / 192 kHz
Low price and nice usb audio interface!

The Focusrite Scarlett series is rather nice. Solid aluminum build and I’ve beaten it up with insane amounts of ASIO workload.

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What do you want from a better sound card? More I/O? Less latency? Good drivers? Better sound quality?
I don’t think it’s worth changing your Roland for anything “better” until the price range of $600+
The main difference between duo and quad Roland is more channels, no change in sound quality, same drivers=same latency. And Steinber UR22 and Scarlett wouldn’t be much of an upgrade over Duo Capture.

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I’m gonna agree with Cyronics- the Steinberg UR22 is awesome, I’ve been using it for a few years. UR44 if you need more inputs. It has the Steinberg D-Pre mic preamps, just a great all around sound. Very much worth the price.

I don’t know if it’s “better” than the duo-capture but it’s a good interface.

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I own Steinberg UR44 because I work with Steinberg Cubase and with previous cards there was always that “what if it’s crashing because soundcard drivers are not good enough?!” question in the air.

I went for maximum compatibility, really satisfied with UR44. It works great with Cubase and with other stuff too, that previous cards (Digidesign, EMU) had many problems with…

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I’m very satisfied with my Focusrite Saffire Pro series audio interface. Very good transparent-sounding pre-amps. Firewire connection works great but your PC must be compatible. Saffire Pro 14 is only £115. A producer friend of mine uses the saffire in his studio and swears by it.

Check this out: The 10 best audio interfaces of 2015

I use the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 and it’s been a great asset so far. Does everything I want it to with great clear and uncoloured preamps, direct monitor / playback blending, MIDI I/O, 4 outputs (both balanced and unbalanced). Highly recommended, but given that you’ve already got something similar it may not be that much of an upgrade. What exactly are you looking for that you don’t already have in your Duo-Capture?

The Apogee Duet 2 sounds fantastic!
It’s around 500USD and has some of the best build in pre amps ever!

I recently ordered new breakout cables (66USD) because people broke into my studio and basically stole everything. (Guitars, Monitors, Mic’s, Guitarpedals etc.)

Sampling Frequency - AD/DA Conversion: 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz… very little, but in comparison with Steinberg ur22 (192kHz) did not notice the difference. Also not enough indication of the input signal and separate volume control for headphones and monitors, but it does not significantly))

Are you going to record external instruments?

Yes, I would like have that opportunity. But mostly I record guitar and use for this Line6 HD500X

Than i think you’re still good with your Roland. If you just want a new toy for inspiration for not much money than Steinberg UR12 would be quite good for you. Also take into account how stable are driver updates if you’re on Mac. With frequent OSX updates its gonna be important.