Help me! Change Theme

I’ve a problem. I’m using Purevision theme but I would like change with Bridge. Furthermore my site have double installation (ita/En). How can I do? Thanks

Assuming you have purchased the new theme you want to use then installing it is not that hard but the way in which the original theme and the new one is set up (impossible to tell without looking at the admin) is likely to mean a certain amount of editing etc. to make it look right.

That would be the case with any change though right? Two items that are different show pages, content etc. differently o whichever files you were using would require you to take the time to set it up correctly.

There could be some technical considerations so it would be wise to contact the author of the new theme and see if they have any thoughts (although actually doing this is probably beyond the scope of support)

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Thanks Charlie

I have a problem i bought theme named marketify, but i made a mistake, becouse i would like to have a theme named makery. Could u exchange this two for me, or i have to buy both themes now, even i didnt use marketify at all?

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You’d need to contact envato and ask them.