HELP - LOOKING for an After Effects Template (Florida Scenes)

This AFTER EFFECTS TEMPLATE specifically relates to a PRODUCT RELEASE or ADVERTISING and is centred around a FAST PACED SEMI TRUCK driving in the FLORIDA AREA and having SIGNAGE on the SIDES of the TRUCK plus BILLBOARDS randomly placed in the area. I recall reading the reviews and apparently it was the author’s first attempt to sell inside Envato. I believe it was priced between $50-70 range. I noticed that the comments we’re extremely HIGH PRAISING of this author. I immediately marked it as a favourite and now find it’s not in my list. I know it was Florida because one of the comments made was that they knew of the area that was included in this AE Template. I know this is a crazy request, but anyone recall this particular AE Template. It’s burning up my braincells with frustration as the project which I now want to execute has no vehicle to take the ride.

Wow …8 days and no reply…I’m SAD !

HI aussievikas !

Simply just contact the author of that template if you are facing any issue. If you want any customization or enhancements to it then let me know i am a professional programmer will help you out with best possible services and solutions

Hey PromotionKing,

Thanks for your suggestion BUT the problem is:

  1. I don’t know the name of the template or the author. When I first saw it I immediately added it to my favourites in Envato. I come back a month later and it’s gone. That’s why I’ve put out a call just in case someone may remember it.

  2. My other problem is that this is like a bad dream and I keep seeing this template going around and around in my head. I know that sounds crazy and I’m not on any LSD.

If you have any other suggestions, I’d appreciate it.


Aussie Vilkas

Hi aussievilkas !

Most welcome.

So you would like to have a template or what if you want me to create one for you same like your imagination and requirements then let me know.

I can definitely help you out with my services… Why not you drop an email via my envato profile account so that we may discuss more Once we have a detailed discussion i promise you will be satisfied with my expertise and skills set for sure. :relaxed:

Hi PromotionKing,

Sounds super. Lets me do that and I’ll get back to you.

Much appreciated

Cheers / Aussie Vilkas


I just noticed this topic, so this might be a bit late, but is this the item you are looking for:


Looks like the one! Miami as well.

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