Help, Logic Users!

Hi everyone. Hoping to find some Logic users who might be able to answer a question about Logic…

I’m a Cubase user, collaborating with a Logic user on a project. I sent him some audio stems which he has since cut into his project. We had a listen to it and agreed that my stems needed re-working to make them sound bolder and more passionate, so I did that. The timing of the new stems matches the old ones exactly, so I was hoping that I could just send him over the new stems, and he would be able to simply replace the old ones in his Logic project and not have to re-cut the entire project. Will this work? Or does Logic create new files when editing and cutting up audio regions?

Hi, I don’t see any reason why this shouldn’t work. But I would create or copy a new project in Logic to test it first.

Awesome. Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

Hi criskcracker.
I encounter this situation quite frequently because I do a lot of edits for other composers and they sometimes send me reworked audio files. So the situation here is quite similar :slight_smile:
I agree with Audioland to save a copy of the Logic project first. Then move the old audiofiles in another folder with a different name, for example “previous files”. This way Logic won’t load them automatically anymore (respectively it would aks where the files are). Then put the new files into the original folder called Audio Files. They must have exactly the same names like the old ones before. Then open the Logic session. You should then have the same regions with the replaced files.

I hope this description is somehow useful. I am not very good in explainig :slight_smile:

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Thanks BluePaw. :slight_smile: