Help - Locked out of my account

Has this ever happened to anyone else? What was the reason? Contacted Support - how long does this take to resolve?

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usually from 2-3 days to a week )

Thanks for your reply - crazy and frustrating situation!!

Tried to login today, have the same “Locked out” issue. Waiting for support…

Not only are you locked out, your profile, portfolio and all items are disabled:

I saw this happen to Yio and thesecession as well. I noticed it when I suddenly popped up from 51th to 49th place on the Top Author ladder.

Such a nasty thing to experience! Hope all works out quickly for those who are affected.

I hope your situation gets resolve very soon @gballx and others.

How and why does this happen? If appropriate it would be good to hear more about this at conclusion so we can avoid it if possible. :frowning:

Hey folks!

I’ve just spoken to the Legal team about this. Apparently a few authors were disabled earlier today on account of some legal questions. We’re going to be re-enabling the accounts by later today, however specific items from each account will remain disabled.

Apologies for being a little vague about this, I genuinely wish I could say more, but because it’s a legal-related issue I can’t say too much on the public forums.

Each of the authors to whom this impacts will receive an email next week explaining the situation in more detail.


Thank you for providing a statement @matthewcoxy . Hopefully this gets straightened out for all involved.

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Thank you very much MidnightSnap - it’s great to be back…now where was I…ah yes droning. :slight_smile: