Help: Loading wp_editor in ajax

Hello Guys,

I need your help i am trying to load the wp_editor in an ajax instance in the backend, but it seems like not showing any of the buttons and visual/html is now working … nothing works.

Any thought how it can be fixed ?

Good luck with that, it’s hell :slight_smile: I would suggest rethinking the concept and avoiding that if anyhow possible.

Well … i am afraid i don’t have another choice … that’s the way i built my page builder :smiley:

Check this discussion on how we do it:

I am sorry i don’t see a straight solution, you are talking about tinymce vs ckeditor and i want to reinitiate the tinymce after the ajax call.

No, we discuss on how we implemented TinyMCE into our own page editor. SO basically, idea is to instantiate one instance of wp_editor in the background, and then you dynamically call that editor into view based on your needs.

OriginalEXE said

then you dynamically call that editor into view based on your needs.

thanks the point, i have been looking in the past week on how to do it and i didn’t manage to find it :frowning:

It’s simple.

Output it on a hidden div, then just apply display: block on it when needed and hide the rest, and do reverse once you’re finished editing.

I’d like to post my solution since this thread is one of the first results on google and could be useful to many.

The point is that WP compiles a configuration object for each editor and it could be used only once in a webpage. The trick is to store the config object, manipulate it to manage your ajax editor and trigger tinymce.init()

Code for the webpage

// create hidden fake editor
echo '
'; wp_editor('', 'editor_id'); echo '
'; ?>

Code for ajax response

$eid =  'NEW_editor_id';
wp_editor('', $eid);

Simple, isn’t it? But has been a real nightmare to figure everything out without using absurd resources :smiley:


LCweb’s solution works like a charm. Sorry to bump an old thread but I had say “thanks” - your post has saved an otherwise very frustrating evening!

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