HELP! I've been over charged

Hi all,

I am new here, I just paid for a monthly subscription that was supposed to be $34 ish dollars, but they discounted me the whole year!!! And I did not want this at all, I wanted to try it out first to see if I liked it.

I have sent a request to them telling them about this situation, but… I am guessing it will take them long to answer and this is really disappointing already.

Has this happened to anyone? How did you handle it?

If you subscribed to the version of Elements that includes WordPress items then this is only an annual subscription (the non WordPress version can be monthly).

You need to contact Elements support who are the only people to help.

I strongly suggest that you do not use the subscription or try downloading anything until it is resolved or else you may not be entitled to a refund.


Thank you for your answer.

yes, I just needed the one without the Wordpress version.

I have contacted them and now I am waiting for a response. I hope they are friendly and understanding enough and help me :frowning:

@KingDog Hi,

Do you now how long the support team usually takes to answer this type of issues?

(Sorry… I am really new at this… and I just saw you answered something relevant to this topic on another question, so excuse me if this is unusual)

They usually come back quite quickly (consider timezones in Australia)


Fingers crossed… they still haven’t replied :sob:

I still have no reply… What happens when there is no reply for a request? Is there any other way to get in touch with Elements support? :frowning:

The support team will always reply, it may take them a bit of time depending on the complexity, but they will always reply.

Did you get an automated response when you opened your ticket? It’s possible their reply may be getting blocked in a spam filter or something.

Please let me know the ticket number if you can.


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Well, actually, I opened 3 different tickets because I wasn’t sure I was writing in the right section so, just in case I opened three different ones and from all of them I got separate emails saying that it ‘has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff’

These are my request numbers:

Your request (19946)
Your request (19950)
Your request (19944)

I later, wrote and email from the last request ticket email Your request (19950), but still with no response of any kind… :frowning:

Thanks so much for your response.



I just checked in with the team and the reply has gone out. But you probably know that already :smiley:



Yes, the’ve sent me an email saying that they have refunded me!! Woot woot! I love Envato Elements!

Now I am just waiting for the refund to be effective.

Thank you guys for all the help!


Glad it worked out! And very happy that you love us still :laughing: