Help, item on Audio Jungle got rejected

Hey everyone. I just made an account not long ago, and didn’t got a reply on the item I uploaded for about 2 weeks I think, far as I’m concerned I did everything as required. But now I got a message saying they rejected it.
I got the ‘‘Unfortunately, after reviewing your item ‘Funky Moves’ we found that it’s too far off the standards we require’’ message.
What I don’t understand is that What is it that is off the standards? Is it the music itself, or I didn’t do something right at the upload? I’d like to know what is it that was not right, so I would know what to change. For now I don’t quite understand what the problem was in the first place. I don’t know will there be a problem with every single song I upload, or only this one.

I’m new here, so I might have missed something I had to do.

Here is a link to the song I tried to upload.

Thank you for the feedback!

I am also waiting for their reply on my two uploads and by listening your tune I am afraid that I will be rejected too :frowning:
Your song is great! I realy liked it and I am not shure what made them to reject it.
Before uploading, I did read about uploading rules. They are not obligated to describe reasons for rejecting. Only if there is some minor chaneges to be done they will say you what that is.

I am Shure (SM58) that the mixing-mastering-harshness of some instruments is the reason.
Try to train your ears to get better mixes. Needs time and practise and listening to other works by pros.


I agree with Pandocrator, the mix is a bit harsh. Plus I’ve seen a few other tracks rejected recently, sharing a similar point: a dominant synth-brass sound. Maybe this kind of music is simply not much in demand?

Another thing: the title might be a bit misleading too, because it feel way more «swing» to me, than «funk».

main idea is cool, but it sounds really (too much) plastic for me…

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Thanks. Yes, I didn’t have good samples at all to begin with, can pretty much hear that it’s electronic even after mixing. Possible that its the mix too, even tho I wanted it to sound harsh generally… maybe too much. Though, I believe if the problem is in the music, the brass not having a natural enough sound would be the main catch.
My main concern was making sure that the problem was not in the upload process, for I failed more times uploading anyway, and this is the first time I got a reply, so wanted to get to the end of that… Hope that I will be able to upload other songs which are different.

Don’t get me wrong about your musical composition skills, music is awesome, need to make more in your face-commercial mix though