Help! Is this Hard reject?

Hi, I am new to the site and after few day’s submitting a logo template I got this email that says " it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again."

Is this what its called Hard Reject?

Also could someone help me what is wrong with this? its vector, layered and organized, nothing wrong with the lines, text are standart Arial. Main files containing separate files of each version ( inside color and monochrome version ) file format in Ai CS version, Eps 10, Layered PSD and Pdf

This is the preview image

your logo is nice but I don’t have a idea why rejected :frowning:

Thank’s @JeriTeam me neither :confused: on the email they said I cant re submit this item again? so I have to propose new one right ?

Read few similar threads with replies, all info there. Basically you have 10% aprrove chance on any logo, it’s not about quality. And yes, you can’t resubmit this file unless you make some significant changes to it, that’s what envato rules says.

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It’s a good logo for me, maybe the reviewer have seen too much similar logo, keep designing mate :slight_smile:

Nice Work!! Really Professional!!
At least they should provide a proper reason why they rejected the file. We spent alot of precious time on file and they just replied with rejected. Yeah this is not about quality, there are some more reason.
What I have noted is they just accept the files of old designers who already submitted above 100 files. It is going same with all new designers and same with me dude.
Just check out the recent logos they uploaded, you will get the idea.

Now compare with your logo, are they better that your one? Nooo never.
This is a big issue in graphicriver.

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I see, thank’s for the info :+1:

Guess so, :smiley: thank’s mate[quote=“Ahsan_Alvi, post:6, topic:89144”]

What I have noted is they just accept the files of old designers who already submitted above 100 files.

So i guess I have to go through many more rejection before I got approved :sweat_smile: maybe I got lucky with categories than logo template, or I may end up the same, being rejected. :cry:

I have two more proposal waiting for review in the icon categories.( worried )

I have faced alot of logos rejection. But now work more on icons and infographics instead of logos because these types of files approve easily so don’t worry about icon files :wink:

Cool , it’s been 4 days though since I upload the item, logo review are definitely faster than icons :grin:

This is not true. Please don’t proceed on these marketplaces thinking it is a game of chance. You’ll be wasting your time.

So first - as i said, read similar topics, all info why this is true there.
Second - i’m not the only one who came to this conclusion, many authors get 90% rejects in logo section.
Third - looking on your portfolio I’m assuming you didn’t tried to upload a logo, and I’ll say to you - it’s not the same rules for every section on envato, and in logo tempaltes section situation looks exactly like 10% win chance. Of course, you have 100% hard reject on a bad logo, but with any other quality you have like 90% fail chance. You just don’t have experiense in this section, so you don’t know how it is.
And at the end - you can simply check it: just look how many items get approved on graphicriver everyday in all sections, and there is just 1-2 logos, you think all GR authors uploading just 2 good logos a day? Or you think logo from the top of this topic bad, comparing to approved ones at logo templates?

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So average users upload at least 10 logos to get 1 approved ? and the percentage is rising based on the numbers of files submitted by the author, is that true ? just like @Ahsan_Alvi said

On the average yes, 10 for 1, if all your logos are pretty good, i don’t know about numbers of submited files, personally i don’t think this is matters, but i can’t confirm or deny this point. I’m currently have like 15 (didn’t really count) hard rejected logos after last approved one.

So the point is to keep trying :slight_smile: and what would you do with the rejected logos ?

I don’t really appreciate you spouting this like facts when you aren’t able to see Envato’s internal statistics. And also this is disrespectful to the hard working authors in the logo category.

I suggest you do the morally correct thing here and that would be to stop spreading nonfactual information. No matter how hard you want to believe it’s true, not only would what you’re saying violate reason but also cannot be backed up by any actual data. And you also aren’t a reviewer at Envato, so you have no idea about the actual requirements that they look through to approve an item.

I’m a frequent buyer of the logo section. I’ve worked with and spoken with many authors in there. Great designers that hardly ever, if at all, get their logos declined. 10% chance? For them, 90% or more. Because they understand how to make logos that fit for a wide range of businesses, and they understand current trends and demands, and they design their logos based on those things.

I’ll leave it at that. We don’t need to confuse authors about how to get an item accepted. Lying to them is definitely not going to help.

May I ask for you opinion regarding my logo that is rejected ?

I agree, I also understand how to make logos, I’ve been in logo design industry and illustration for many many years and this rejection quite make me curious. :slight_smile:

Sure. I can see why your logo was declined. It does not look bad and I like the concept, but the implementation could indeed use work.

Firstly, the font could use improvement. Not only does it look a bit too big, but I also think the typeface itself could be better… something more round, since your logo is also very round. I also am not a personal fan of the split text, with half of it being normal weight and the other half bold, but to each their own. I think it could potentially look nicer in all lowercase with the same weight - “ecobowl”

The orange and red does not look appealing to me. I understand what it’s trying to do though. I think you should see if you can create a more smooth transition of colors - a gradient would look beautiful on your logo, especially in the leaf. Making the orange and red look smoother and even adding more detail to it could make a huge difference.

I would suggest removing the shadow as modern logos typically do not use shadows anymore (they don’t fit well in a lot of situations with the logo in use), unless that is only in your preview image.

A hard reject does not mean your design is terrible. It simply means you need to make some core foundation changes to the graphic. Changing the typography and adding gradients would be sufficient enough change to warrant a resubmission, for example.

I agree with this, though my first consideration about font that I read in envato market is to use font that is common and can be use by anyone, so I pick standart clean font. such as Arial and helvetica, half bold and half regular is to separate and emphasize the word without being to separated as one name.

I include others color option in the main files and there are layered and named, so i think it’s easy enough to users to change the color to their preferences.

Thank’s but no thanks, gradient is outdated, its in the era of web 2.0 design trend, flat and minimalist is the new trend, negative space is the best thing happened to a logo right now.

Yes You are correct with this, It is first intended for preview image, and I include the on the main files incase someone like it, though is easy to delete in the layered files.

Good point, but I cant submit this again so next time I upload a new logo template I worried that the same thing happens again, even if I have put all efforts making a good logo template.

Thank’s for your thoughts. :slight_smile:

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Well sorry, but simply splitting the colors directly in half does not look nearly as appealing. Look through the logos category and see how many items have gradients, and how many split colors in half like yours.

So unfortunately for us, they don’t seem to visit forums and we don’t see them here, all i found in many many topics about logo rejects here with replies of other authors, and all i have experienced here is that 10% thing.
That’s all coming to conclusion “oh, must be the font” or “change colors” but then you see logo just like that gets approved - that’s the fact.
It’s your point and your observation, based on conclusions just like mine, so i’m not lying, and i guess you’re not too. I’m just saying how it is for new authors here. If this rules about " understand how to make logos that fit for a wide range of businesses, and they understand current trends and demands, and they design their logos based on those things." really exists they are too complicated and hard to see, and on top of that you can see many logos wich are not quite follow this rules. As a buyer you can say “So i’ll not buy them” but we’re talking here not about sales, we’re talking about approving rules. And how we can know them, other than looking on existing ones and trying to follow the path?

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