Help installing the demo content into LOFT theme

I bought Loft, a theme for Wordpress and have tried everything posted trying to get the demo content to my site. Also the license doesn’t work with the slider …if anyone can give me some ideas I would greatly appreciate it…thanks everyone!

What’s the issue you get with the demo content? 500 timeout?

Bundled plugins don’t give you a dedicated license. It will still work as needed/expected with the theme but any updates etc. need to come via he theme author.

Ah, okay…that makes sense. So the content isn’t exporting. I’ve extracted the demo files to Wordpress imported and nothing is happening…

When you import the XML what happens?

Bear in mind that to make it look like the demo you may have to assign menus, front pages, make sure plugins are correctly installed etc.

The best person to ask is the theme author

In case of interest: