Help in building Envato Elements Website Templates

Good day, Community:
I’ve been creating websites using a Windows PC-based CMS software for about the last three years. I became very proficient in applying many of the CMS’s built-in assets to finish completed websites for the few clients I have. Unfortunately, the CMS software provider has ceased creating new website templates that reflect today’s full-width intro pages, etc.that typify today’s website look The product is quite dated looking at this point. I just subscribed to Envato Elements for the year and have downloaded my first project. I unpacked the .ZIP folder, but here is where I need help. I do not know how to code, but I would like it if someone from the community could point me in a tutorial direction that will give me a foundation to begin building finished websites. Eg: how does one add text to an existing block; or, how would I replace the stock Envato images with my images in a slider panel? Any suggestions or assistance would be very helpful. Thank you.