Help! Illustrator Scale points like in a 3D application - image attached


In a 3D application you can scale elements (in the image two points) based on different automatic center locations. In the 3d application I scaled two points based on an imaginary middle point between them. How can I do this in Illustrator? It is possible or no? If not, what application can do this? Corel Draw maybe?

Anyone have an idea? thank you for your help.

More precisely, there is another vector editing application that have handles like those from a 3d software?


Back in the ealy days of illustrator there used to be a Taper tool that did exactly what you want. But I never saw it again after version 9! Not sure why they ditched it.

The only way to do it now is to manually drag the two end points to the position you need. Or drag one point to the angle you need, copy that one line, paste it twice, reflect one of the lines veritcally and then join the points up (not sure if that made any sense, it’s hard to explain without demonstrating it).

A few options on the adobe forums here…

Good luck! :slight_smile:


thank you for the answer i will check that thread on adobe forum

I found an work around but is limited.

So first I select the two points with the “Direct Selection Tool”, then I go to Object->Transform->Scale and apply some percentage.

Is a shame that Adobe do not improve illustrator by taken inspiration from the 3d software. :frowning: