Help identifying a song which title is SO generic

Hi, my assisstant deleted the info of this track. I only know the title which is “Corporate”. Somebody please help me! AudioJungle should ask the creators to NOT use so generic titles… also the search engine is a disaster… the tags get together with the titles and that is my problem…

In other cases I’ve tryed to find a track using the ID number but the search engine simply don’t use it!

The tracks dont even have meta-tags come on!

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Hey @sebastianmolina! If you have the track ID you’re in luck!

Simply copy/paste the link below and replace “PUT-ID-HERE” with the ID number you are looking for. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Hum… don’t you think it’s high time to bring back/include a search by item ID option?
The fact that Envato has to suggest this cumbersome workaround doesn’t look professional. Why is this an issue?

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