HELP! Ideal Plugin for WooCommerce - Split Payments - 10% to admin 90% to vendor

Hi guys, I have searched high and low, and I am certain there is something for this out there, but I can’t seem to find the ideal way to search it. Here is what our website is for and what I need:

This is a voucher website, though we will also offer products. We take 10% of the sales as commission. Some vendors (usually hotels and restaurants that we sell vouchers for) prefer that the full amount not be paid to us, just the commission, the customer receives a voucher with which to claim their reservation and discounted price minus our commission. So, say a hotel stay is $100 (but this is in Bulgarian lev as the site is exclusively for Bulgaria), the price needs to appear as $100, but once they open the offer they get a breakdown of what they pay now and what needs to be paid to the vendor on location. Once they pay for the voucher and discounted price on our side (the $10 commission) they receive a voucher for the remainder to be paid to the vendor when they claim their voucher. I have considered deposit type payments, but the remainder is still for us, so when we mark it as paid it causes all kinds of accounting problems.

Can anyone recommend a plugin for this or perhaps the right wording for me to search for one? Thank you!

Hi, if you want I can made any plugin for $35/ per hour

Hello, approximately how long do you think this particular plugin would take to make?

everything depends on what you already have. you can contact with me to envato forum Inbox where we can discuss everything

I’m kind of new here, and honestly have no idea how to send a private message. Will you message me so we can discuss this further?

There are loads of plugins that do this, Dokan and others, just search for multi-vendor woocommerce, there are free and paid versions. Do not pay someone to build this for you unless the existing options can’t do what you need

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hank you so much for your help! I wasn’t sure what would be the ideal search term for this and if it really does fit my needs. In reality the idea is to get this result:

I know it’s in Bulgarian, but if you look on the left, the breakdown is important. In Bulgaria most people pay through bank transfer, epay, or other delayed forms of payment. On top of that, once they pay just our commission, the remainder they will pay on location to the vendor in any form they choose. That’s where I am facing issues, the actual breakdown and showing this breakdown…

look at Dokan -

it lets you set comission as percentage or a set fee

Thank you oh so much for your help!!!