Help! I want my other pages to look like my home page.

Hey guys, I recently purchased the X theme, and it’s great, but i’ve become super confused.

I’m trying to have other pages that look like the home page (The full width and stuff) but every time I try, the new page is uneditable with corner stone (i can’t import stacks or pages), then when I resort to trying with a a blog post and import the home page Stack etc. It’s all squished and little in the blog post with “Related content” next to it.

How do I turn my site into a fully operable non-blog-post website? thanks guys. I hope this made sense.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to ‘Bump’ but i’m hoping someone cares to help a young noob out (please) :smile:


You need to contact the author of that theme for support and not the Envato Forums.

You will get the faster response and most beneficial responses from the theme author.