Help, I need advice

Hi, I’m new to Envato. I need help and advice to load my first design correctly. I’m thinking of uploading some like the ones in the picture, I want to know if they are good enough, could they be accepted?
And what do you think of those designs, I hope you can help me. Thank you.

I think you should make it more complex :slight_smile:

but you can try :slight_smile:

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How complex?
Do you think I should add more details to the designs? like what?

The image designs are just examples, I would upload several of them related to tools in a single file.

Envato Market (and Envato Elements where are my works too) are first class for designers,
your works looks correct but too simple - like some free stock vectors and it’s good you asked for opinion here before submitting this because I’m 99% sure it will be rejected

more complex is like… hmm… more shadows, more details :slight_smile: just more complex

look here - I submitted this few days ago and it’s accepted because it is unique for halloween

my post with skull design :slight_smile:

Try your best so you wont be dissapointed because of hard rejection :slight_smile:

peace :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I will put more complexity and commitment to the designs, I appreciate your response, it has helped me. :call_me_hand:

even if your work will be rejected don’t give up - make your market portfolio , don’t give up and after you have about 50 items apply to elements (this will literally double you earnings)

good luck :slight_smile: