HELP!!! I downloaded a great new year video called Glamorous new year clock. but have an issue.


i downloaded a video called Glamorous new year clock. it looked great and was so excited to project it onto my house new years eve. unfortunately the below messages appeared when i used the editable version in adobe after affects.

(After affects warning. this project contains references to missing effects.Please install the following affects to restore these references.

3 missing affects.

  1. “optical flares”
  2. “Particular”
  3. "saber"
    can anyone help?

i use mac book pro and would like to know if other programs can be used

If it’s an AE file then you will need AE to edit it.

As for those missing elements - I’d suggest emailing the author to find out if these are included somewhere or if you need to have them in place.

Thank you Charlie,

i will email the author as i was using AE as it was a aep file.