Help! How to join AdRev?

I’ve been reading a lot about AdRev in the forum and decided to join. But after going registering I did not get a response. I contacted them about my application only to get this reply:

“Unfortunately, we cannot work with your library. Please find another aggregator in the lists below. Thank you.

I haven’t uploaded anything yet, so not sure why my “library” isn’t okay. And why do I have to join other aggregator to join AdRev? I’m really confused. Could you guys who are using AdRev tell me how do I actually get into AdRev please?

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Not sure what’s going on as I didn’t have any issue joining in. There are several AdRev services though, so you want to make sure your signing up for the “Self Service CID”.

I hope it’s not a new policy of theirs by which they are turning their back on RF music.


They’re not asking you to join another service to get to join AdRev. They’re simply giving you alternatives as they won’t accept you. I guess they checked if you were registered with AudioJungle. I’ve seen this happen before.

Also, as PurpleFogSound said, make sure you registered here

I guess this has to do with the new policy from YouTube’s side that AdRev need to make sure if there’s a license in place before making a claim on the video. Which means a lot of extra work for them when it comes to stock libraries such as AJ. I’ll see if I can find the post from Alumo where he got an answer from AdRev regarding the new policy.


Thanks for the tip about “Self Service CID”! Will look into it. :smile:

Yes, I did sign up there. Thank you for your insight, would really want to know what the new policy is. :smile:

UPDATE: I just tried to sign in today, and it says: “Your account is inactive”. Which means my account was terminated. Whatever their policy is, it is aggressive. I can’t even login now. Haha…

P.S. I laughed to lighten the mood.

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If you signed up at the link provided by @AbnormAudio, then you correctly signed up for the so-called Self Service CID. So, it looks like they’re refusing your application indeed.
If @AbnormAudio’s guess is right, then this is really bad news for us stock authors. What’s next? Are they going to drop already registered authors?

Hey @MumuMedia, I got a similar response and rejection in the beginning of March:

Hi there,

Unfortunately, we cannot work with your library at this time. Please find another aggregator in the lists below. Thank you.

And my conclusion was that the reason of rejection was a very poor portfolio (5 items). So I’m going to retry after I have something worth showing to them.

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The term “library” is odd here. That’s why I thought @MumuMedia may have signed up for the wrong service, but it isn’t so.

I doubt that too small a portfolio could be the cause for rejection.

Have any of you guys made your music available through Creative Commons licenses?

It’s an interesting choice of word but I assumed they meant ‘portfolio’.

[quote=“PurpleFogSound, post:9, topic:107570”]
Have any of you guys made your music available through Creative Commons licenses?[/quote]
I have not.

Maybe you’re right. But I haven’t come across any AJ author with less than 20 items and is affiliated with AdRev.

UPDATE: AdRev saw this topic and emailed me today.

And @AbnormAudio, you’re right about the YouTube having a new policy. Here’s an excerpt from my email:

“We came across your post in the AudioJungle forum and I wanted to reach out to explain a bit more about why your library was not accepted. Royalty free music tracks are assigned a custom policy in YouTube, based on their regulations for how royalty free music needs to be monetized in their system. Due to this issue, we are now more selective in the libraries we work with. Even though you don’t fit our criteria at this time, there are plenty of other services that may be willing to work with you, found in the original links I sent you.” - Excerpt from AdRev’s email


@MumuMedia, so are you going to try to register on Muserk? I’ve found only one author who uses Muserk insted of AdRev on AJ:

I still hesitate to register with the portfolio this small…

I’m not sure, platform maturity is the main factor. I’ve been waiting for AdRev issues to stabilize and noticed that the complaints by buyers on AJ forums have disappeared. So decided to take the plunge. haha… little did I know… REJECTED.

Anyway, I’ve contacted wollenweider to ask him about his experience on Muserk. Waiting for his reply.

I have tried Audiam last year. But the platform is very opaque. I’m not sure if it has changed, but it took ages for them to respond and remove a track I uploaded. Yes, they didn’t have a “remove” option after I uploaded it. So that turned me off.

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Thanks. I would appreciate a lot if you post here about your findings briefly and tag me :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing. I gotta say, their “explanation” merely acknowledges there is something, but it doesn’t actually explain anything.

So much mystery in AdRev’s communication, so much left unsaid. What reasons could there be to leave authors in the dark on this subject?

What exactly is this Youtube policy? What are those RF specific regulations for monetizing? How does it affect AdRev’s process? What does it imply for our buyers? What are the implications for the illegitimate uses of our registered music? Is AdRev unable to make as much claims as they used to? Are we losing money? How much? Are they going to kick us out? Or let our accounts slowly die off?

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Just so you know. AdRev doesn’t have a delete button either. When you sign up with them and register songs you agree to a one year contract. The songs need to stay in their library for a year before you are able to have them removed.

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I’d like to know a bit more about Muserk too. Their presentation of data seems much better than AdRev’s.

They seem to avoid answering what their cut is - “our rates are competitive”… Yes, thanks, but, what is it???

They hint that it might be possible to receive a claim and CHOOSE whether to take action (insert ads or not). That would be a game changer! But maybe that’s only for the big record labels…?

AdRev are friendly and have earned me lots of $$$ over the years but their admin section is so primitive to work with and claims are always just automatically generated…

Wollenweider40 replied about Muserk:

Hi! Sorry for delayed answer. I registred on Muserk, yes, it was slightly hard for me. It was a lot of write via e-mail, and english language is not my strong suit as you see.
Finally i send my music there. It was 17 may. They told: "Thanks for letting us know. I will let the team know that your assets are ready to upload. “
They told me before, they need two weeks to start work with my assets, so i wait.
I think it’s small company, they haven’t web-interface for uploading tracks -
they use Dropbox and they have google-sheets tab for fill) And they don’t work at weekend.
Well, we’ll see.
It’s been a news for me to now that i’m a only person in AJ who use Muserk, thanks for that funny information.”


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Hello musically friends,

this is my first post here, as I’m a new author and building up my library actually. So I also start to build up my cross marketing platforms (Facebook, YouTube) before I upload my tracks.

One part of this preparation work is also the CID thing. It seems to be important from what I read here in the forum.

I also tried to open an account at AdRev. My experience is mixed up. I filled the application and waited. And waited. And waited. After 6 or 7 weeks (!) without any email or answer I tried to login… wasn’t possible… --> account inactive was messaged.

No explanation, no answer, no communication… just an inactive account. I wrote the support, after 3 days they forwarded me to another email-adress I should write to. I wrote and after short time (some hours) I got a mail from the VP of rights with a short information that they haven’t accepted my application (no concrete reasons). Also they recommended other aggregators like Muserk. I emailed back to him with questions about the detailled reasons and what I could do to change their decision in the future, but as far I got no more answer.

Why I’m mixed up?
I really was disappointed to get an inactive account without any comminication. That is absolutely not professional. And also not nice.

But I think it’s a nice behaviour of them to recommend some opportunities. Even if it cames late.

So now I’m also looking for alternatives. I will try Muserk also and will give you feedback as soon I have some.

I also would be happy to get some other tipps for good CID companies from you.

Sorry for my bad english, it’s not my native language.



New policy? If you can find the link to that or more information I’d love to read it. This is actually great news if I’m understanding correctly, it means people have to prove they own the music before they can submit it into the Content ID service or make a claim on a video.

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