Help: How to create exact same wireframe of a non wordpress site (X theme)




Just some tips and suggestions (going to try only first) required for creating a crowdfund / non-profit website similar in wireframe to this: Using an X theme license bought on Envato’s Themeforest. For example, the scroll effect turning a static menu transparent as well as the sub-menu at the center of the page. Thanks in advance.


I’d rather receive tips and suggestions, thank you.

For example, as I am making site with the Child Theme would it be best to add the css style changes via they theme’s child’s or via the WP customizer? What’s the best way to handle the menus representing the line tabs? How does one get the navbar to be transparent (I know how to make a menu transparent but the certain level of opacity in its transparency as you scroll up and down page I can’t figure out). Also in mobile mode the transparency in the drop down menu. Thanks in advance.


If seeking site fixing, how much would you charge and how long would it take you? Thanks.