Help!How to contact a reviewer?

Hi all. Please tell me how to contact a reviewer about error loading item?

Hi @Korandrino
You can open a ticket


What do you mean? If you downloaded the item and then realized that you have made a mistake somewhere, you can remove it from the dashboard. If you did something wrong during the download process, then the site won’t let you complete the process. Or the site may have temporary failures when downloading items. In all these cases, you don’t need a connection with the reviewer. I’m not at all sure that you can have a conversation with a reviewer) What’s your situation?

Yesterday was refused on the item, which consisted of three parts. Today in the queue was another item. He was accepted, but the item why yesterday, which was refused, the name of the current item and also a description of today’s item. I changed the description, but now I’m not sure that the zip folder is what need for buyer.

The question is closed. Reviewer reacted quickly, well done!!! Thank you very much!!!