help help :/ why my item rejected!?

Hi there , Do you have any idea why envato rejected my item?
this is the link for review my item:

Hey, is that really a themeforest product? Somehow. I can’t see any design purpose. It’s really weird in my opinion. Social buttons are ugly and the login or register doesn’t work somehow.

Whats the point of your product? Is it a theme for any CMS or is it a script to login/register?

Actully I send wrong link
this is the link for my item:

Your product is an error 404 HTML page?


Your design 404 error is hard rejected because:

  1. Bad Colors

  2. Need more designs some.

  3. Error click “contact” and “go back” because not have link.

  4. remember you need spacing (margin/padding) you website.

Need practice more html for approved html on themeforest.