help help help mix with emotional piano and strings track

Hi guys!
I really need your help! I’m working on a piano and strings track. I was done with the arrangement/composition one week ago, but in the last week I got stuck with the mix (moving up and down the same knobs like crazy!) which sounds not good enough to me but I can’t get it better.
Above all, I’m not happy with the piano and the volume (too low). Your comments and suggestions would be really appreciated!


Hello Dhalsim1981,
I think your strenght of piano is good, but cello is little loud in the beginning. And you can duplicate the piano to make the sound fuller.
Otherwise, the composition is very emotional and I like it :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! How would you duplicate the piano? Two different tracks or just overlay?

Anyway I was concerned about the global volume

Yeah, cello could start more softly. And at 0:40 something strange with harmony, as for me. And cello not perfect tuned.

You’re welcome.
Just put the two different track.

@DariusMusicProductio @Sunday_Music
Thanks for your suggestion. I duplicated the piano (not everywhere) with a lower volume and make some harmonic minor changes, though I’m not sure I got what sunday music said. This is how it sounds now, what about it? ready for submission?


This is very nice composition, very nice! It has a nice flow and good build up.
For those hard to tweak samples as cello, you can use envelope graph for volume control because sometimes changing velocity for each notes is not enough to blend some instruments. I use envelope for mixer knobs very often :slight_smile:

@IvanPavletic thanks! Do you mean volume automation?

Yes, volume automation.


great tune.
i would stereo spread the orchestra a bit more around the piano in the middle, for more impact

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