Help Guys: Add Snow Action rejected...

Hi guys, Merry Christmas!

I did this action with lots of work and care. I’ve been tested it in cs5 cs6 cc etc
I think its nice work.

Please see the preview:
click the zoom in icon on right side of image

It works only in rgb, 8bits and only big sizes like 1500 pixels.

Anyone can suggest me a clue of why it didn’t approved? Maybe is a technical reason?
Is it so bad?

I’ve seen other actions in my opinion far worse, and also very difficult to use.
This you just press a button. And its ready

Would be so grateful for any tips!

Thanks a lot guys
Merry Christmas

Not entirely sure. From my POV everything looks okay and pretty cool. Maybe another set of eyes can pinpoint some things.

Looks great, and I am not sure what could be the reason reviewer had to reject this. I would buy such action.

hi, is the snow effect on envato logo?