[HELP] Grey lines on my site, no answer from support :(


I use the convertible theme, I have renewed my support but no answer from the dev :confused:

Since the update of WP & my theme, I have grey lines on my site.



I have removed all the border for all my elements but the lines are still in place…

Someone has an idea to help me ?
I have try some CSS code but they don’t work :frowning:

Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

Hi @macksss,

Welcome to the forums! I’m afraid that support may not help you with theme customizations. If you really want to remove the grey lines, here’s the CSS code:

.top-line {
    border-bottom: none;
footer {
    border-top: none;

If you would like to edit your theme in any other way, consider hiring a professional from Envato Studio :slight_smile:


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Thank you very much !! It work fine…