Help from successful Authors



The Time has come after Months of Hard work when I am ready to Upload my First theme On Wordpress.
I am excited and at the Same time Nervous.

45 Days stand alone were spend on theme Testing with a total Budget of 2500$ spend alone on testing.

I am a widow and Mother of two Children. this Theme means a lot to me as my Children Future depends on its success.

I have taken a Bank Loan also. Please guide me to the best of your Knowledge.

Google Page Insight Speed Test - It is quite Complicated Tool it generates few errors which are beyond any ones control Example: As soon as we activate woocommerce it decreases 10 points, if we upload a Google Map on any page again it decreases 5-7 points. There are errors beyond any one control when we are using 3rd party Plugins such as: google map API, woo Commerce, Contact form 7.
No where I found that Reviewers look this as Parameters. I also Browsed many themes on Theme forest most of the wordpress Themes has these scores on desktop 71-77 and 43-61 on Mobile devices, still they were accepted. Additionally whatever errors and fixes can be done through within theme level they have been taken care of.

I also Found a Video on you Tube, this seems to be an Old Video -, can some one comment how much effective is the information in this Video today?

I need to upload a theme preview and a Thumbnail, apart from that what other images do I need to upload, If pages snapshot are mandatory then how many would be sufficient.


Do you have a demo link for us to see it live? Thanks


is it essential that I must attach one snapshot of theme in 590x300 JPG for your preview image.
if I can put a better graphs to illustrate what my them is all about would that be Ok?

only Jpg are acceptable, Png’s wont be acceptable?



Its not wise to launch the live demo Now here.


Details of the upload process and requirements are here and the submission guidelines are here

As long as anything you advertise is true then you can always extend the details/images in the item description.

If you do not feel comfortable sharing your demo link here (bear in mind no one can rip it once you have shared it and you must include this when uploading the file), then there will be very little people can help you with.

Obviously we all want people to do well but spending 2.5K on testing is a very brave investment for a first file and I am always curious as to what people spend this on?

The best advice we can give you is:

  • not to assume this is a place for a quick earner
  • focus on attention to detail and professionalism
  • remember this is a stock marketplace and not the same as working in design/dev traditionally.

Customer expectation is different and while basic best practice and quality control are key, what makes a file successful can vary dramatically.

p.s. I would not get too pre-occupied with stuff like page speed. Of course it is important but many demos on here are showing multiple scenarios, layouts and the full extent of a theme which is vastly more than what a website would/should actually have and will inevitably slow it down.


Thank you so Much sir,

I have already gone through those pages many times.

let me answer your question first -
Obviously we all want people to do well but spending 2.5K on testing is a very brave investment for a first file and I am always curious as to what people spend this on?

It took me around 9-10 months to complete this project. I researched a lot, I studied around 200 themes before making design decision. My theme design is very Neat, simple yet different then what is available across entire Internet in its Niche and Competition.

In its Niche I studied many related Themes and build something which was not present in many Themes.

I took this page almost religiously, I wanted to make sure that before I submit my File I should not leave any corner and my theme should full-fill all the requirement by the review team. My theme is 100% Theme-check passed most of the pages have Zero w3c Validation error.
code is highly Optimized. I visited many companies to test this theme and they charged me heavily, but I never wanted to give them my files so I used to visit companies and give them my laptop so that they can’t steal my code. After 5 Round of testing I am confident that it is almost error free and close to perfection.

As a person travelling in the ocean of life I gave the best I can with 100% Honest effort and now leaving the final decision to the reviewer.

The Preview Image is like this -
The Pie Chart will demonstrate through Graph that what Niche this Theme Could be suitable. Please comment sir if you do not find this Pie chart method a good method to introduce in preview Image.


This image might work in the description (could do with polishing up first) but it is not suitable for a preview or main file image.

Some might argue that buyers may be inquisitive by something like this and click to see what is behind it but my guess would be that it will be a big turn off to most.

Buyers tend to skip through files and unless they see what they are dealing with straight off then they are more likely to move on. You will see that 90% of files (themes/website) simply use some kind of visual of the actual site itself.

I can guess at what niche this refers to from these points, and while I understand your reservation to share a link and no idea who these ‘companies’ who helped you are but truth be told no one knows what works, appeals and is likely to pass here better than this community, the authors and the buyers here.

Good luck with your submission


Ok. I will incorporate Your Suggestions in my theme front end Preview and Final Image quality will be very High. Thank you so Much.