Help friends! Track rejected again!

Good afternoon colleagues, I can’t understand why my track wasn’t accepted, I tried to do everything like top sellers, but again refused, please tell me in which direction to move, otherwise it’s not even funny :slight_smile:

Dear friend! Pay more attention to harmonic sequences. I recommend that you, for starters, use more commercially suitable harmonies. There are harmonic errors in your track. This is especially audible from 40 seconds. There are many options for the correct harmonization of this melody, so I will not offer them. You must hear it yourself. In addition, it can add a different shade to your work. The second chord does not go with the melody. Also pay attention to passing chords. If they are in the piano, then other harmonic instruments should support this.
I will give you one simple piece of advice. And whether you use it or not is your business.
Start writing the track with harmony, bass and melody (astenato, sequences) on a harmonically confident instrument with a large sustain such as a piano. This will allow you to hear the fullness of the composition and avoid harmonic and melodic errors at the initial stage. On some instruments with a jerky sound (mute, piz), this is not always possible to hear. Start making arrangements when you are sure of melody and harmony. When writing new parts, listen to them separately with harmonic instruments. Sometimes delay can create excess unpleasant dissonances.
This advice is not just for you. Perhaps he will help in writing tracks for novice authors.

And I also recommend that beginning authors use harmonic sequences standard for this market at the beginning of the path.
I wish you success and good sales!

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Спасибо! Более развернутого ответа я еще не получал :slight_smile: Полистал ваш профиль, очень качественное звучание, это ваш основной профиль или есть еще какие нибудь? И вообще есть смысл плодить аккаунты?

This is my main and only profile. Creating multiple profiles makes sense when you write a lot and quickly. Or from other tactical moves. I write not so fast. ) Therefore, for myself I do not see the point in several profiles.

Питер! Россия. :slightly_smiling_face: Только сейчас увидел.

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