[Help] Frequent rejections.

Hi guys,

I have received frequent rejections and I am not able to identify the real problem.

Can someone help me identify which errors I am making?

[Track 01]

[Track 02]



The first track is nice, but in my opinion the pad sound that you used for accompaniment is too dark, I would use a sound more brilliant and with more space, more reverb… maybe one change on the chords sequence, a little different section, can improve the track. The ending is abrupt…

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nice sound on the second track, I love this deep soundscape. I have to wait 47 seconds to listen some variation … too long! Maybe this could works as a suspenseful background and maybe you could be accepted in other libaries, but actually you need to develop some stable melodic line. …
this bass… it’s a little bit obstinate… repetitive… gives me a little nuisance.
but it’s just my opinion…
good luck

Hey ID! I think you have some nice ideas in there but there are some issues I see that could maybe have led to a rejection.

The first track is just overall a bit too sparse and aggressive sounding. The synths and drums are right in your face, and I think there is not enough going on in the track to justify it. It’s just very dry sounding. I would probably try to add some more elements in there, as well as probably changing those synth sounds to something a bit softer/less in your face. The guitar as well sounds super artificial.

The second track has a very specific sound to it, especially with some of the synths you are using (the one that starts at 0:47 sticks out). The whole track is just very monotonous and specific, which isn’t often a great thing for a stock piece to be. It could work well in some very specific uses, but not a very broad range.

Great luck in the future! Cheers!

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Hi Floberaudio,

I will follow these tips.


Hi Audiolfiles,

Really, I did this track thinking about Drones, very specific, like footage in abandoned places.
I’m going to improve this time-consuming start.


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Hi Seth The Human,

I will try to soften the elements and make these changes.

Many thanks

oh ok! then you have intention… maybe the issue it’s because it’s so specific… don’t know :slight_smile:
anyway, I love your big sounds here… good luck!