Help for WP Theme and Plugin to finish it. Possible sell option.

I started a project, a WP theme and a plugin, but I dont have the time to finish it now. I need someone who can help me finish it and release it. It is almost done.
I can also sell it as it is now.

More about the theme: fixed header, it’s responsive, it looks like an app on mobile phones. Users can login and post in different categories. I fixed a wp issue with a fixed header on mobile.
It for user generated content, looks similar to 9gag, has the same features.
It has an admin and user area. It has a customized sign up page. You can sign up with facebook using a plugin (not mine) but it has a custom css so it fits well with the theme.

It comes with a Like plugin similar with the facebook, instagram or google plus. It also has like statistics and user can see which posts he liked.

The admin can set featured posts, it uses thumbnails or a custom image.
It has theme options.
It’s clean, light, easy to customize further and modify.

For more info, let me know.
I can also post some screenshots if anyone is really interested.

I hope we can work something up.
Thank you.

PS: I hope I’m on the right forum… board…