Help for setting up a special piano

Hello jungle boys!
Let’s see if you can help me.
I am looking to configure a piano with a very specific sound and acoustics. Specifically, the one used by the author who appears in this link. I need to emulate the timbral characteristics for a special client. It has very very delicate, soft highs. Also acoustic and reverb conditions. It’s been days since I’ve tried several of my libraries like “Tje gyant”, Fazioli, Keyscape pianos, but there is something that doesn’t quite fit me.
Does anyone know what library this author may be using? It’s about Peder B. Helland. Please, any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

To my ears it sounds like a felt piano. Could listen to Frature Sounds “Woodchester Piano” and “Midnight Grand” and possibly use Eventide Blackhole for reverb. Also Westwood “Alt Piano”.

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Thank you very much for your references and indications. Very thankful

This is Noire by NI. The reverb ( and particles) is its own reverb . Cheers

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Hello Soundtrickz!

Thank you very much for your input. Hugely grateful! :wink:

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