Help for rejection

Hello, I need help to better understanding why these tracks have been rejected.
thank you.

anyone have an idea? :thinking:

I’m pretty sure that you were inspired by another track more than necessary when you were making the second one :slight_smile: I do remember almost the same melody from one of the best sellers.

Not sure about the rejection reasons but could you share the names of the plugins/vst’s that you used in the second one?

Thanks for the reply…the vst are Halion for the pads Electric sunburst, The Gentleman for the piano, Strummed Acoustic 2 , String Ensamble from symphony series and Scarbee Jay bass, Battery 4 and Evolve…that’s it.

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mix is quite all over the place, piano seems like its in another room and with lots of muddiness (200-300hz)
mastering should be better
mixing and mastering is mostly the problem, is quite dull and without life, you have to make it exciting

Thanks so much. I realized that I need to rely more on reference track. I tried to do it and the next songs I uploaded have been accepted but I still struggle to perceive all the nuances that I should … but I will study…