Help for First publication wordpress theme

Hi everyone, before publishing my first theme, I wanted to ask for an opinion in this forum, if you think my theme reflects the high quality standards of Themeforest.
The content of the pages is created exclusively with the Elementor plugin, while the rest (header menu, page pie etc.) with a my program. During installation of the theme on wordpress, will ask you to download and activate the plugins. In this case it elementor.
I read that Themeforest auditors only test the theme and do not install any plugins. So I wonder how they test it? I can make a test content without elementor, but it would be too Basic and I’m afraid that the theme is refused.
I have a lot of confusion, kindly can anyone help?
I thank you in advance for your support.

This is the work
MARI – Restaurant Themes by Armin Themes

I am sorry but this is very far from required quality standards. I am talking mainly about the design. It is way too simple and it lacks the attention to details. Take a good look at recently approved WP themes and compare them to your own.

There is not really a point talking about the code aspects until you can nail the design down, but generally, make sure to read through all these docs:

hi, thank you very much for the reply.
I understand your point. I would like to arrive at the qualitative standard you require and will work hard to achieve it. I ask you if there is any more comprehensive guide than the link sent. I had studied these themes to be easy to install and modify, obviously I’m off the road.

You will find many tutorials here: