Help for find out templates problem.?

Hello i am a new author in themeforest. I made thissinge page hosting templates Is it enough for approved for themeforest or anything else. Or if any issu is available on my templates please help me for find out. waiting for quick replay. Thanks!


I think need to improve your item design quality & typography.
I think this item isn’t ready for Envat>Themeforest.
My opinion study & research about Themeforest hosting category item before submission you item.

Hope will helpful for you.


Item will approve or not this decision will come from Envato reviewer. with respect just my personal opinion your Item is not ready according to themeforest qulaity standard. spacing, typography, visual problem. In slider use images instead placeholder for preview purpose. you have to provide unique aesthetics design with best UI and have to put some premium design. Thanks

can you help me for where where the spacing and typography problem in my templates.

For example if you check your Item you will see section to section spacing is not consistence. typography for example slider, testimonials.

please give me a screenshort please i dont understand.

for example:

It’s not even in the ballpark for here.

  • there are endless freebies out there that are vastly better

  • there are no premium features or design execution

  • why have a domain search that does not work?

  • repeating content in plans, blogs etc. just feels lazy and unfinished

  • design basics like typography, spacing and hierarchy are all way off throughout

  • you were warned previosuly about using other peoples’ work and leaving references to other items or authors in your items… just 1 example (there are numerous things)

If you can’t write your own original code then this is not the right marketplace for you.

Okay i understand but please help me for mark my templates where spaceing and typography issu please give me all screenshort. I need to improve my code

hello can you give me all issue screen short and mark them