Help for a rejected track

I need your help. Most of the tracks I submit are rejected, for reasons that I don’t understand (cause the accepted ones doesn’t seem so different to me…)
It’s always the same comment : “This submission does not meet our commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and our commercial composition/arrangement standard”

Can you help me with this one ?

Some sharp/resonant tones in the mix (especially the sonar ping like sound). The hi-hat feels too in your face. Also, it feels a bit unfinished/short. Is this the complete track? It lacks structure/a build up.

The guitar seems to be panned on the right too much.
The hats are annoying, I suggest you to get them down or take off.

Hello musimaker,
Can I asked how long u compose music with a DAW already. ( I personally having 11 years of experience now)
The musical groove is great in your production :slight_smile:
Noticed: The fundamental of the bassdrum at the sustain area is way to boomy. High recommend to watch Mixing tutorials and accustical treat your studio (Basstraps, Absorbers).


Thank you guys for answers !

@AbnormAudio Indeed, now I hear these tones you’re talking about. I’ll change this.
About the structure, I wanted to make something simple, but I realize with your answer that it’s too much simple ; listenning to bestsellers made me understand that I can make simple but still not “poor”.

2nd comment about the hi-hat, there’s definitely something to change here !
You made me realize that I have to be careful about panning not too much

I really started to compose with a DAW about 8 years ago. The bassdrum is a recurrent problem in many tracks I make, I can’t resolve it, it’s so annoying :confused:
Any mixing tutorial(s) link(s) to advise to me ?
I’m gonna make the accustical treat - already have the kit, just have to set it.

You gave me the willing of restart this one, I’ll post the new version when ready.
THANKS again ! :slight_smile:

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Oh great :slight_smile:
I personally liked on Youtube “RecordingRevolution” and Dave Pensados “Pensado’s Place - In to the lair” Dave is focused on making mixes sound good on small speakers. Might also interesting to watch Andrew Sheps working in his amazing studio. Sure there are many more intersting sources.“Streaky” etc

kind regards