Help finding a WP theme for app landing page

I’m trying to find a theme for an app landing page. I’ve got a couple of options but there are some specific features which I need in the landing page. I want it to be similar to
I need a theme which has:

  • a one-page design
  • capability to hold a video or carousel showcasing the app (on the first screen)
  • sign up form (which collects both emails and locations using a dropdown list)
  • ability to hold an explainer video (on second screen as you scroll down)
  • responsive design
  • ability to use light green colours

If anyone knows of any themes which I could use which match the specifications I’m looking for I would appreciate it so much.

Thanks very much in advance,

Hey there,

My new theme Pillar has the functionality you’re looking for:


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Hey,Thanks for your reply, Pillar looks great and something I could really use.However being a student I’m on quite a tight budget so I’m looking for a theme which is slightly cheaper. Thanks anyway, and if you have any other themes or ideas of what I could use for a bit less then I’d love to know.Best, Oliver