Help dealing with A book Promo After effects

Hey guys! anyone can assist me with this
I did download a video template about books to edit on it, but I found a single issue, which I’d like to make a promo for an Arabic book.
And the thing is that the Arabic books get opened from right, not left, and I’d like u to help me and show me how can I edit the book to look opening from the right instead of left…
Thank you so much!
Im not a pro dealing with AE but I can try hard !!!

You need to contact the author.

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hi i would recommend that u follow what @DesignSomething smartly advised but i would also add that , in case u cannot contact the person, i think that u should try to reopen a thread in Videohive rather than graphicriver and / or that u try to contact an expert from video hive to help fix this thing