Help deactivate the theme on a web site to enable reuse of purchase code

Hello, please I have an issue with my purchase code. I used my purchase code on a site which got destroyed one day after, and I wonder if it would be possible to deactivate it on that website since I no longer have access to my dashboard. I wish to start a new web site with that purchase code. Thanks in advance.

Hi, if you don’t have access to your dashboard then you will not be able to deactivate the license from your side. But if you wish you can Contact Author and let them know. Hope they will be able to assist you. You will need purchase code to get this support from the theme Author. Thanks

Usually when you sign up in a site you get an email from the administrator. So you can go back to that mail and check if you can get a working mail address. Because some of those mails are usually are usually sent by a bot and therefore cannot be replied.

So if you get a working mail address you can send your complaint to them.