Help customers understand how themeforest themes work

I don’t know if other authors are experiencing this much but I’m finding many users don’t understand how themeforest themes work in general - as opposed to a wordpress repository theme OR how themes used to work in the past OR the big themes that were authored a long time ago.

I quite often need to explain things that we authors are required to do certainly things such as:

  • We are encouraged to leave functionality to plugins and so installing lot’s of required plugins is not a bad thing and in the long run is good for users.
  • Plugins are installed via TGM and are not in the wordpress repository and aren’t updated via the wordpress updates dashboard
  • Themes are not in the wordpress repository and need to be updated via the envato plugin or some theme updater and not the wordpress dash.
  • Textfields must be escaped and HTML is not possible in every option - only where HTML is expected.
  • Premium bundled plugins don’t get there own license

There’s more but those ones are common. Sometimes I’ve not had the opportunity to explain to customers these things and have received negative feedback for it.

The definition of support article is very valuable in that it is an authoritative overview of what support is for. Something like this for how themeforest themes work I think would also be of great help to authors. Authoritative as in please believe me that this is perfectly normal