HELP! Commander Wordpress theme reversed the order of my blog posts

For some reason, all the posts in my blog at have reversed their order. Now the oldest are showing up first. I don’t know what might have done this

Does anyone know how I can change them back to the most recent first? Unfortunately the developer, OrangeIdea, is no longer supporting the theme.

Had you installed any new plugins before the issue happened? What about the posts on the admin interface, are they in the correct order (newest to oldest)? You can also try to deactivate the plugins one by one to check whether any of them is the cause.

This plugin might also be helpful for an auto update on WP queries:

Thank you, UXbarn. I’m not sure whether I’ve added any plugins since this started happening, so I’ll turn them all off one-at-a-time and double check. Thank you for the suggestion of Post Types Order. I have it installed but need to configure it.