Help can't locate file from the preview name

Hi, I downloaded video mp4 preview of a few files I want to purchase and cant locate the files based on the downloaded preview file names. Is there a way to locate these files?


Am I missing something in the search process? Thank you!

No, there’s not really a way to find them. The download preview file names for newer items are the item’s ID, but those you listed point to deleted PhotoDune items so they must be older files.

I can try to track them down if you provide me with

  • The category of the items
  • The length of each video

Thank you for responding. They should be After Effects text file projects. I can take screen grabs but it’s not allowing me to add here

Sure thing. No need for screen grabs, just open each file and check the time duration of the video (in format 2:34). I need that duration to narrow down my search.

1520660.mp4 = 0:35

1478616.mp4 = 2:23

Hi @dbracco

Here is the first one:

And the second one:



Thank you very much! I’m not sure how you found them but much a appreciated! I’ll make sure to save in a folder next time. Thanks again!

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You’re welcome! Glad I could help :slightly_smiling_face:

The first item was pretty straightforward to find. If you look closely at the bottom right of the video you’ll see tiny barely noticeable watermark, which is the logo of the author. I knew the author so all it took a visit to the author’s profile and a quick scan through their items to find the item.

For the second item I took screenshot from the video at 0:00 and did a reverse image search on Google. Very surprisingly the item you wanted was the first search result. That was totally unexpected. I was planning to find the video playing in the background of the preview video and then use that to narrow down my search on Videohive, but luckily I didn’t have to do any of that :stuck_out_tongue:

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